Bourbon Bachelor

RELEASE DATE: October 24, 2023

I won a date with the most eligible bachelor in Bourbon Canyon—except I wasn’t the one bidding. 

Two of my best friends dragged me to a fundraiser and bid in my place. Tate Bailey isn’t just some mountain man bachelor the rest of town gushes about. He’s also the dad of one of my most troublesome fourth-grade students. 

My only dealings with the divorced bourbon empire heir have been outlining the issues his son is having in school. Not exactly the best first impression—or second, third, and fourth. 

The last thing I want is another rundown of everything my exes said was wrong with me, especially not from a rugged guy like Tate. But when I tell him he’s off the hook, he insists. Fine. It’s only a date. Then I can go back to my dull life with my heart intact. Because there’s no way a guy like Tate would give up his bachelorhood for a boring, predictable, small-town teacher like me. 

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