Bourbon Promises

RELEASE DATE: July 18, 2024

I left for a weekend in Las Vegas and came back with a husband. 

Gideon James isn’t just any husband. He’s the wealthy CEO of a Vegas casino and hotel, he’s devastating in a suit—and he’s Bourbon Canyon, Montana’s very own prodigal son. Now he’s returning to claim the land my brothers are in the middle of purchasing from his father. With me at his side, Gideon will finally be able to stop the sale.

Why else would someone like him marry me? I may just be a small town schoolteacher one step away from cat lady status, but I’m not clueless. I know exactly why Gideon chased me into that all-night chapel. If he wants my help to sell this union and get his land, he’s going to have to give me something in return.

A baby.

Then we’ll go our separate ways.

Only the longer we’re under the same roof, the harder it is to remember our relationship is fake. The easier it is to forget there’s an end date on this contract. The plainer it is to see this marriage could be more than bourbon promises. 

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