Bourbon Lullaby

RELEASE DATE: January 18, 2024

The haunted foster boy turned jaded owner of a whiskey distillery doesn’t recognize me as the little girl he used to read to when he hires me. So I don’t tell him.

Myles was the boy who read me stories when it stormed. The angry foster kid my adoptive parents took in not long after my sisters and I found a home under their roof. Then one day, he was gone, and I could never get him off my mind.

The kid with the unknown background grew into the owner and CEO of a respected whiskey distillery. My brothers hate him for the knowledge he took from our family’s bourbon company to start his own empire. My sisters have practically forgotten him. But me? I’m going to be his new assistant.

He has no idea who I am. To him, I’m not a little girl scared of storms. I’m a temp with a surprisingly informed background about the world of spirits. Okay, I’m still scared of storms, which he unfortunately finds out.

But he’s a jaded man and his life is closed off even more than it was when we were kids. He doesn’t trust easy and I’m only in his office because of a lie. Before I can tell him who I am, I might have to leave just as suddenly as he did all those years ago.

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